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I'm Katie, I've seen a lot of other people blogging and its helping them get healthier both physically and mentally. So here goes :) Hope you like it.

Friday, October 14, 2011


I really, really want to be healthy. I just have no interest in actually physically getting off my butt and walking, or anything. I know that exercise is required to lose weight. I just can't seem to get interested.  I love the way it makes me feel, and that I get to spend time with Lecie. I just can't get myself to make that first step. It is hard but I have to do it. 

On the subject of eating. I think I did pretty good today. I stayed under two thousand, and I could've done better, but I'm still having some issues on not having seconds. I've tried to work it where I have 400-600 calories  for breakfast and then spread out the rest between lunch and dinner, and for the most part its been working. I haven't felt any strong binges in a few days. It feels amazing to be able to eat and not flip out about it, or try to stay under 900. I hate starving and it doesn't work anyway. I'm trying to do this the right way and not be unhealthy. We will see if I make progress or not. I love food, and I don't want to fight it anymore.

The End :)

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