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I'm Katie, I've seen a lot of other people blogging and its helping them get healthier both physically and mentally. So here goes :) Hope you like it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Sick, and having cokes and oatmeal cookies afterwards.

Probably shouldn't have pigged out on celebratory frosted oatmeal cookies this morning but they were sooo good. :) Meh, mistakes happen.

Anyway I have been sick most of the week. I've had strep and so has Lecie. I didn't eat much, though I forced myself to eat atleast 1000 calories. I guess thats better than nothing. But when I went to the doctor I found out I had lost a few pounds. I weighed in at 227!
I was ESTATIC! Well as estatic as you can be with no energy. I've been stuck in the 230's for about a month. SOOOOOO happy to be doing better. Now if only I can get my energy back to go to the gym. Weighed in this morning at 226. Can't wait until next Saturday :)

Starting Weight-270lbsCurrent Weight-226lbs

Measurements(to be done once a month)NEXT- February 1st.
Waist- 48inches
Upper Arm-15inches
Calf 17inches

Get to 220-In Progress
Get Under 200-Not started
Get under 180- Not started
Get under 160- Not started
Get under 140-Not started
Get happy somewhere between 127-135 :)-Not Started


  1. A loss is a loss, and ANY loss feels great! I hope you get to feeling better quickly so you can get back in the game! Way to keep the motivation up!

    And I'm jealous. Cookies sound amazing! LOL

  2. THey where store bought frosted mini oatmeal cookies and I'm in LOOOVE with them.