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Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Start.

I started another blog for my weight loss when I weighed around 260ish...though I couldn't keep up with it and eventually lost the password. I have been on this journey since October. I really, really want to lose weight and get more healthy. I'm tired of barely walking and getting out of breath. I'm tired of feeling my back fat bounce when I walk. Everything is gonna change and its gonna change now!


Measurements(to be done once a month)
Waist- 48inches
Upper Arm-15inches
Calf 17inches

Get to 220-In Progress
Get Under 200-Not started
Get under 180- Not started
Get under 160- Not started
Get under 140-Not started
Get happy somewhere between 127-135 :)-Not Started

This is how I look now. I will update pictures probably bi-weekly or monthly. We will see how the progress holds.
Wish me luck :)
Pictures will be better once I find a real camera

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