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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gah...Stupid computer wouldn't let me log in!

So unfortunately I haven't lost any weight...well ok a pound. A single freaking pound. I guess thats ok cause I did really shitty the past week. I really need to get some motivation to lose this weight. I've done fairly awesome so far, and I really really really need to do even better. Maybe I will start blogging everyday. Maybe not post all this stat crap everyday but use this as a "REAL" blog. Not just oh I'm gonna post once a week and let everyone know how I'm doing kindof thing. Meh...I don't know. Maybe I should write in here....Maybe life will get less stressful if I write in here. Anyway...Heres to a much better week and an even better year :)

Starting Weight-270lbsCurrent Weight-225lbs

Measurements(to be done once a month)NEXT- February 1st.
Waist- 48inches
Upper Arm-15inches
Calf 17inches

Get to 220-In Progress
Get Under 200-Not started
Get under 180- Not started
Get under 160- Not started
Get under 140-Not started
Get happy somewhere between 127-135 :)-Not Started

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