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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wooot inches lost!!!!

I honestly never thought I'd be happy counting inches or counting calories or any of that kindof stuff. I am soo happy I am doing good. Though I am fairly certain that the only reason I'm dropping weight right now is because I'm not eating due to being sick AGAIN. :( But anywho...I'm almost down to under the 220's woot! First time in 2 years.

Starting Weight-270lbsCurrent Weight-223lbs

Measurements(to be done once a month)NEXT- March 1st!
Waist- 46inches lost 4 inches 
Hips-28 inches lost 2 inches
Thigh-24 inches lost 1 inch
Upper Arm-15inches lost 0 inches
Neck-15 inches lost 2 inches
Calf-16 inches lost 1 inch
Bust-47 inches NEWUnder bust-43 inches NEWGoals
Get to 220-In Progress
Get Under 200-Not started
Get under 180- Not started
Get under 160- Not started
Get under 140-Not started
Get happy somewhere between 127-135 :)-Not Started

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