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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sick today :(

I feel like poop today :(. The landlord is coming by with an appraiser today, hopefully we can get the house cleaned in time :D.

I need ideas for things to eat when sick, because usually I eat all day when I'm sick cause it confuses my body, into thinking that I am not sick. I feel that way anyway.

I guess I'll start with some broth. :( GAH!

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  1. When I was sick last week, I ate a lot of soup, and drank a lot of water. My throat was REALLY sore, so I would drink a couple big gulps of water after every bite. I barely ate anything, and felt sooo weak and dizzy, but my stomach was upset, and my throat was sore, so I couldn't really eat much at all.

    Just try different things. The second day anything sounded good, and was fine for my stomach, but not so much for my throat, so again I had to drink after every bite.

    I think I should continue that, though. I didn't feel hungry very much... Hmmmm...