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Monday, October 24, 2011

Binging disaster :(

Ok, so maybe it isn't so much a disaster as a step back. I was doing so well. :(.
It's my fault I started the day badly. My mom had to get her wisdom tooth pulled, and I was expecting to go home and eat breakfast while she was in with the doctor. Didn't happen, they made me stay until she was done. Then we just stopped by Mcdonalds, and even though I got just a chicken sandwich with no sauce. . . it was still crispy. Which wouldn't have been bad, but then I had a york peppermint patty, which even that isn't bad....Until you add an expresso truffle on top of that.

My binge wasn't horrid though. I had a half a peice of baked chicken, probably no more than 2 ounces, with some ranch, and 4 of those whoknu cookies.

So looking forward to tomorrow. Early appointments, and then counseling on Friday. Lets ROCK the rest of this week.

We'll see if I can come up with some constraint tonight with dinner.
I have noticed that righting in here makes me feel better and not wanna binge so we will see. what happens.


  1. Psh that's not a binge! An overindulgence, perhaps, but certainly not a binge!

  2. I wanted to add that if you had eaten three chicken sandwiches, a huge bag of york peppermint patties, and a box or two of the truffles, THAT would be a binge. Binging is when you overeat to a ridiculous point, and you literally can't stop yourself from doing so.

  3. this was not even close to a binge. If that's the worst of your problems right now, you'll be just fine. lol