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Sunday, November 20, 2011

check in time :)

Even though this month was a whole month of fail :( 

I still am forcing myself to check in and take pictures. I think thats something i haven't done in the past and I will continue to do so while i get my eating in order :) 

So go for still having some lost inches left :)

Starting Weight-270lbsCurrent Weight-247

Measurements(to be done once a month)NEXT- 11-20-2011
Waist- 41inches from 44.5 inches
Hips-48.5 inches  from 50 inches
Thigh-24 inches  from 27 inches
Upper Arm-15inches from 15 inches
Neck-15 inches  from 16 inches
Calf-17 inches from 17 inches
Bust-50 inches from  50 inches

Under bust-41 inches from 41 inches
Weight in at 250- Complete!

Weight in at 240- In Progress
Weigh in at 232- Not Complete
Weigh in at 220- Not Complete
Weigh in at 180- Not Complete
Weigh in at 160- Not Complete
Weigh in at 140
- Not Complete
Be Happy With my Body 
- Not Complete

&&& Pictures

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